Lucy's World

Ay├žin. Turkish. Living in Leeds, UK. 26. female. straight. singer. dancer. cook. tv addict. stalker. slashlover. (e)bookreader. postgrad student.
Teen Wolf. Supernatural. Doctor Who. Community. Merlin. Leverage. Glee. HIMYM. Chuck. Craig Ferguson. Fringe. SYTYCD. Bones. Sherlock. White Collar. Cougar Town. Parks and Recreation.
Suits. Fresh Meat. Miranda. Better With You.
Would I Lie to You. Nevermind the Buzzcocks.
Queer as Folk. Friends. Legend of the Seeker. BtVS. Angel. Alias. Veronica Mars. Roswell.
A Very Potter Musical/Sequel. Me and My Dick. Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog.
Harry Potter. Star Wars. 10 Things I Hate About You. Across the Universe. Stage Beauty. Grease.
Pentatonix. David Cook. Sara Bareilles. Regina Spektor. The Beatles. Evanescence. McFly.
This tumblr will be full of these things above and more. If you are interested, follow me down the rabbit hole.

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